Brown Paper Press is a small publishing company based in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States — Long Beach, California. Founded in 2014 by Wendy Thomas Russell and Jennifer M. Volland, BPP seeks to fill the gap between traditional and indie publishing by developing and producing well-designed, well-written and well-marketed books.

Our mission is to engage readers on topics of contemporary culture through quality writing and thoughtful design. Unbound by genre, our press strives to deliver socially relevant works that advise, guide, inspire and amuse. We champion authors with new perspectives, strong voices and original ideas that just might change the world. 

Brown Paper Press works with a small but mighty team of editors, designers, marketers and promoters. Each book is given all the attention it deserves — from scrupulous editing to fantastic design and creative marketing. We are distributed to the retail trade throughout the United States and Canada by SCB Distributors.

In addition to buying directly from our shop, you will find Brown Paper Press titles in paperback and digital formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and numerous indie bookstores throughout the United States and Canada. To find an indie near you, visit IndieBound, a most excellent resource.

We are proud members of PubWest and the Independent Book Publisher's Association and welcome submissions by both new and established authors.