BPP admires authors who challenge our perspectives, or who offer less-common inroads to the most compelling subjects of our time. But we only accept submissions that fit within our company's mission.

The mission of Brown Paper Press is to engage readers on topics of contemporary culture through quality writing and thoughtful design. Unbound by genre, our press strives to deliver socially relevant works that advise, guide, inspire and amuse. We champion authors with new perspectives, strong voices and original ideas that just might change the world. 

Please note: We are only accepting nonfiction at the moment—creative nonfiction, memoir, parenting, philosophy, politics, pop culture, sociology, general nonfiction, and anything funny. If your manuscript falls outside of one of these genres but still is nonfiction, send your proposal our way; we'll take a look. 

Your proposal needs to be substantive, well thought-out, and complete. We may be small, but our standards aren't. We are extremely selective and consider numerous factors in taking on a new title. For all submissions, we require a full proposal (if you aren't sure what that means, we kindly ask that you read this) and a minimum of three completed chapters. If your book has a graphic component, please send only a query and design treatment. Please do not submit your full manuscript unless we have requested it.

All submissions (your full proposal and your three chapters, as attachments) should be sent via e-mail to In an attempt to be as kind as possible to the environment, we accept only digital submissions.